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This page is meant to tell some of the stories of just some of the animals that All God's Creatures cares for. Some of the stories have valuable lessons attached to them.
I hope that we can all learn form these wonderful creatures with sometimes unfortunate circumstances.  Please bare with us as this page is not yet finished. We will be adding more animals with pictures shortly

Lilly -Bare-eyed Cockatoo
Lilly was purchased as an egg!  She was purchased by a wonderful woman for her daughter as a gift.  Unfortunately the daughter had to work all day and didn't have much time for Lilly.  Lilly was left home alone for 10 hours a day in a dark apartment.  Lilly didn't like that life much so she insisted on protesting.  She used that big wonderful voice that God gave her to scream all day long.  Not a good thing when you live in an apartment. Parrots are as social as people and need lots of attention.  They also have a long life span, same as humans. 
Lesson learned Please make sure you have the time, and accommodations before you purchase a parrot. They are highly social, loud and can be quite destructive. 

Glory-Rainbow Lorikeet parrot
Glory was brought to All God's Creatures in a plastic bag.  He had pin feathers and was not old enough to eat on his own. Glory was taken in and hand fed several times a day and we were delighted when his glorious rainbow colored feathers came in.  He didn't look too good as a naked baby but boy did he turn onto the work of art he was created to be!
Lesson learned Hard work and perseverance pays off in a ways often unforeseen.  What was a pathetic sight turned into a wondrous work of art hand painted by God Himself, unseen at the time we received Glory.

Seeker and Job- Green iguanas
Seeker and Job came in a year apart form each other.  Job (actually a girl) came from a woman who frantically called us to take her.  Her husband had been jogging and saw a dog running down the street with an iguana it it's mouth!  He was able to get the iguana away form the dog (not sure how?)  and it was brought to All God's Creatures.  Job had been kept in a wire cage.  How do we know,?  Her nose was rubbed raw where she had stuck it through the wire spacing and her nails had been ripped out from getting stuck in the wire.  To make matters worse the top of her head and back had been burned by a heat lamp.  Hence her name "Job"  from the Bible.  Pretty much anything that could happen to her had.  She now has a pretty good life hanging around and basking in the sun all day.  She is the ambassador of what "not" to do to an iguana.
Seeker had a good life with his owner who decided it was time to see the world and travel.  A good home was needed so he was donated to All God's Creatures.  He now holds the position of educational animal ambassador.  He enjoys hanging out with Job.
Lesson learned- Please think about the accommodations your pet will need and supply it accordingly. Job didn't have the proper house as it permanently damaged her and allowed her to escape and be captured by a dog.

Tortoises- African sulcata (spur thigh)
3 all together.  One came form a lady that had 13 of them and had to get rid of some and the other two, well.They were purchased as ping pong sized, cute little guys from a pet store.  Sometimes people who sell animals forget to inform the buyer of exactly what they are purchasing.  Within 8 years these cute little guys turned into land roving tanks weighing 100 pounds of not too smart strength! Did I mention that they were raised initially in the house.  Funny how they think they belong in the house even now as they exceed 100 lbs.  They will bulldoze anything they wish, furniture, plants, trees, the dog.........
Lesson learned Think about what the needs of your pets will be as they get older, and grow bigger.  Can you accommodate a 200lb tank at your home?

Angel-Barn owl
Angel was found in the parking lot of Chino Hills High School.  She was only about 3 weeks old and had no feathers, just a ball of down.  We are guessing that maybe a crow took advantage of her as a snack food item but dropped her instead in the middle of the parking lot?  She couldn't walk or fly and she got there somehow? Angel progressed and as she grew (she ate 5 mice a day, what an appetite!) we noticed that one wing drooping.  It was not broken but seemed to be ligament damage.  What a shame.  As a wildlife rehabber it is very seldom that a baby of any kind of animal has so be put down but with no chance of ever being able to fly well enough to hunt she would have to be put down.  It is difficult to keep such an animal as the expense to feed them is high and caging space unavailable.  Believe it or not these guys can eat up to five mice a day which equals to what could be five or more dollars a day.  A full grown horse eats half of that! Some wonderful people intervened and talked us into keeping her.  She now resides with us and is a wonderful ambassador for her species. We are so glad her life has a purpose.
Lesson learned

Matthew 5:29- Burrowing Owl
Matthew 5:29 came to us blind in his right eye.  He was picked up at a local mall and it was told that some children were kicking him.  We believe as a result he lost his eye.  He was named such as the Bible says, in Mathew 5:29 that if your right eye causes you to sin, pluck it out, for it is better for you to enter into Heaven with one eye than to enter into hell with both. We believe as everything happens for a reason, this little owl can be a reminder, both of what his species purpose is and what his message is.
Lesson learned God can take any situation and turn it around for good..When people see this little owl with one eye we can now take the opportunity to tell them about forgiveness of sins through Jesus Christ.  What was once an unfortunate event is now an opportunity to glorify his Creator

Leaven-African pygmy goat
Leaven was, at about the age of 2-3 months old, dropped over our fence.  Imagine my surprise when I went to feed my animals one afternoon and I found a teeny baby goat!  His eyes were crusted together and he was sick.  I took pity on him but was angry that someone would just abandon him like that.  Our phone number is located right outside the fence and if I were asked I would have taken him.  I would have quarantined him as well.  His eye infection spread to the rest of the flock and made them all very sick.  Three of our goats had to be confined in a dog run as they went completely blind (I have pictures of white eyed goats) The man that abandoned him actually came the next day to check on him.  I probably wasn't as happy as I could have been but considering he wouldn't even help me with the vet bills (in the hundreds) could you blame me? The Bible teaches that a little leaven  (sin) leavens the whole bunch.  What seemed so cute, innocent and harmless actually caused a lot of damage and money to the rest of the flock.  As sin so often does it causes blindness and in this case it did, hence the name Leaven. He spent about a month living in a puppy pen in our den (a rabbit kept him company)  After lots of treatment and lots of prayer, all are well now.  Even the blind ones.
Lesson learned Don't purchase pets impulsively.  We were later told that the man who purchased Leaven spent quite a bit of money on him because his kids wanted him.  He didn't think that a goat might not be the best idea in a residential area.

Breeze -miniature horse
Breeze was purchased at a pumpkin patch at 4 months old.  She was deathly ill and we felt the need to save her.  She was the property of some unethical horse traders and was for sale, "as is" at the pumpkin patch.  We got a call that we needed to see her.  She broke my heart.  She was so small and had lungs full of worms.  She wheezed when she breathed and had a horrible cough and fever.  After several vet visits and intensive treatment she became a wonderful addition to our family. She is five years old now and  has learned several tricks and is a real "ham" of a horse. We feel blessed to have her.
Lesson learned

Nigmy- Barbados sheep
Nygmy was placed in my daughters arms right after birth.  A storm had moved into the ranch she was born on unexpectedly.  She was one of a twin that had died and she was so small.  She was found lying in the middle of about 100 sheep.  Left to die.  The rancher that gave her to us had no desire to save her as he made a living selling his stock for food purposes and didn't have the time nor want to bottle feed a newborn.  We took her home and bought doll clothes for her to help keep her warm and got her started on a bottle.  She ate every couple of hours for about 3 months.  She slept in my daughters bed and went everywhere with us.  Her name means  "star" in Arabic.  She is a wonderful girl and seems to be grateful.  She is a wild breed of sheep used in this country for meat.  They don't have the fluffy wool like other sheep but are considered "hair" sheep.  She is unusually tame due to her upbringing.
Lesson learned Not sure about this one.  Perhaps being in the right place at the right time with an open heart could lead to saving the life of an innocent lamb.  One that wasn't suppose to make it?  Being used to make a difference is a great feeling.  Nigmy thinks so too.

Seasons-Thoroughbred horse
Seasons at one time was a race horse.  She is an older horse and was purchased by us when she was 21.  Where she has been and what her life has entailed is much of a mystery to us for the most part.  She was probably used as a breeder after her short racing career.  She was purchased by her last owner for that reason.  Her last owner used her as a posse horse as her wonderful nature allowed it.  Unfortunately her last owner fell on hard times and didn't take as good of care of her as she should have.  Seasons stood in a 12 by 12 box stall for about 3 years.  When I went to see her she was very thin and depressed.  She hung her head in the dark back corner of her stall. She stole my heart.  She is one of the kindest horses I have ever known.  She has had a problem regaining all the weight she lost though. We are told that because of her age she may never gain it back.  She is healthy and happy though and a shear joy to watch as she runs and kicks every morning.  She now lives with her best friend of whom she is inseparable, another horse named Halin.

Kitty-Domestic cat
Kitty was found in an abandoned house.  We were looking in the back yard and saw a tiny kitten scampering and trying to jump up on a 3 ft wall.  Hard to do when you can't see and have a bum back leg.  We brought this 5 week old kitten home with the intentions of fixing it up and finding it a home.  Cats are nice, for other people as I am allergic to them.  I am also allergic to them scratching my furniture and also allergic to litter boxes.  It took a while for the eye infection to heal and her leg to get mended so we could find her a home.  In the meantime she had captured my heart.  When the lady called to come and get her (the lady was part of a rescue group and was going to try to place her) I told them she was no longer available.  She is the strangest cat I have ever seen.  She is quite the companion and seems to be truly thankful for her home.  She spends her time chasing the dogs, clearing countertops of any pens and papers and sleeping on me.  Funny thing, I'm not allergic to her.]
Lesson learned Pets should be spayed and or neutered.  Feral cats are a problem and cause lots of problems.  Ask your local wild bird population

Forest was found who knows where by a young man with good intentions (you know what they say about good intentions?)  He was bottle fed and raised with a dog.  He was probably very popular as this mans pet.  Funny thing about those raccoons,  they get big and do what they are designed to do.  This man now had an out of control, dangerous wild animal as a pet that could easily kill his basset hound if he wanted.  He made some phone calls and placed his wayward companion with a local rehabber who placed him here.  Forest has no fear of dogs at all and not  the fear he should have of humans.  He spends his days laying around in a hammock.  Not a bad life huh?
Lesson learned. Although this guy meant well, this happens a lot and the animal has to be put down.  There are not enough sanctuaries or zoo's to house the habituated wild animals that were kept as pets.  Leave wild animals wild and call licensed and trained rehabbers if you find one in trouble

Moment- Purebred Australian Shepherd
Moment is one of the best dogs I have ever seen.  That means a lot since I used to train dogs and have dealt with hundreds.  Moment was given to a woman who didn't have time for her.  Moment is a dog that needs a job as she was bred to herd sheep which translates into high energy.  Moment was a handful and was headed to the pound.  I was thrilled to save her as she would have been put down as her owner turned her in.  She Is a great dog and l can't imagine such a wonderful animal not being wanted.
Lesson learned Please oh please think before you bring an animal into your home and better yet, THINK before you become part of the problem of bringing more animals into a world by irresponsibly breeding them.  The pound is full of purebred animals that will be euthanised because there are not enough homes for them

Emmy-Vietnamese potbelly pig
We are Emmy's third and last home.  She was purchased by a woman when she was a baby who had several dogs who, as I am told picked on her.  It became serious enough for the woman to take her back to the breeder and relinquish her.  She was sold again to someone who brought her home for Christmas but forgot to ask her homeowners association if she should have a pet pig.  I got a phone call form the breeder to come and get her.  Emmy wasn't with us a month when she landed a movie job.  She is trained and does several tricks.  She has been everywhere porking around and is always fun to be around. 
Lesson learned A pig is certainly not for everyone and remember, fads fade.  Don''t get caught up into wanting something that is "cute" or different.  That "cute animal may live for 15 years and cute or different gets old real fast.  That thing on the end of a pigs face that resembles a nose is actually a shovel.  Emmy actually redecorated my bathroom by rooting up the linoleum.  Was I mad?  How could I be, that's what pigs do.

Virginia Opossum
This gal was hit by a car and fortunately only broke her jaw. Talk about having a tough time, she also has a pouch full of babies!  The wonderful person who picked her up out of the road kindly took her to a veterinarian hospital in Upland.  They brought her to us and she is doing very well.  She will be released soon to do what God created her to do. See, her jaw is working just fine:)))  She's showing us ALL 52 of her pearly whites! UPDATE She was released and is now somewhere in the woods, right where she should be!  Another success story.
Making a difference..........
"And God made the beast of the earth according to it's kind, cattle according to it's kind, and everything that creeps on the earth according to it's kind. And God saw that it was good."
Genesis 1:25
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