The standard show generally includes 6 of the folowing animals
                    Walking sticks
                    Hissing cockroaches
Curious Creatures

Six pre-selected animals are brought in individual baskets in the "safari jeep" by educators dressed in safari gear ready to inspire and amaze in an educational yet fun setting. A safari style setting is created with the use of decorative props.We set-up a decorative display table loaded with animal artifacts, educational specimens and live animals for your guests to see, touch & learn. Strange facts and trivia as well as related jokes and surprising illusions are presented in an hour long walk on the curious side. This is a "stage" type presentation (although no actual stage is needed.) Great for school shows, church groups, birthday parties, libraries, community events, book fairs and any other venue that requires a walk on the curious side.  For Christian presentations please see the "Bible Animals" page
Standard fee is 225.00 for the first hour
150.00 each additonal...Travel fee may apply

An entertaining animal educational program that brings the  adventure to you!
Making a difference..........
Please  e-mail us after viewing the pricing and program information.  Please include your date, location and preferred time as well as desired program. All bookings are done online
(909) 393-1590
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Oh My!
Safari Adventure.
Creepy Crawlies---Tails and Scales---Feathers & Fur---Rainforest Adventures---Talons & Tails
Things that make you go ooooh
All God's Creatures reserves the right to substitute any animal due to weather, illness, feeding schedule or shedding cycle.