Throw on your hiking boots and join us for a hike into nature for about an  hour and a half filled with wonder and delight for your eyes and your soul as you enjoy a relaxing, scenic trail trek with our pack ponies and miniature horses.  There may even be a pack goat, alpaca or llama in the mix.
This recreational and educational adventure will connect you with nature and some beautiful and freindly animals
Our sure footed helpers will carry your lunch, snacks, water and other small items you may bring.

We will post our several themed hikes as they become available on our social media platforms and tickets will need to be purchased in advance to secure your reservation.
We will offer hikes with and without children, but pets are not allowed unfortunately.  Dogs especially.

Private or semi private and group hikes with miniature horses and pack ponies that wear pack saddles,.  Gift certificates soon to be available.  What better gift!  Give the gift of spending time in nature with a fuzzy friend

Hikes are currently local to Chino Hills, weather permitting



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Hiking with horses
"All God's Creatures" is a pony and farm animal sanctuary, liscensed wildlife rehabilitation facility and actively involved in animal assisted therapy.
All proceeds earned go towards making this possible.  If you would like to refer
a critically ill person, please email us and together we will make a difference......                        
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hiking with horses