Bunny Parties, Display's & Photo-shoots
                    Prices start at 350.00 for one hour for our standard option.
         We have upgrade options availalble and we can add props as well as                                                   additional animals for additional fees.
                      Please  email for package upgrade information as these have                                                                             tailored pricing 

                                           *Mileage fee applies to distances over 20 miles

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Bunny Parties, Displays and Photo Shoots
  Creation Glorifying The Creator      Creation Glorifying The Creator       Creation Glorifying The Creator       Creation Glorifying The Creator       Creation Glorifying The Creator
The Cutest Thing
You've EVER Seen!
Bunny Party Bunny photo shootr
Please note before securing our services-The safety of the animals in our care is never compromised. We do not drop animals off. We have a trained handler with our animals at all times and we are their advocates. We will not participate in anything deemed unsafe for our animals, we do not put them in uncomfortable situations and we do not travel in severe weather. We do realize this will not meet the needs of everyone. We share our family members. They are important to us. We hope they are important to you too
                                      Something Sweet
Sit back, close your eyes and imagine your child squealing with  delight (probably you squealing as well) when you first lay eyes on this!  This is cute and beautiful, it really is "something sweet"
A sweet mini unicorn, decorated with just enough sprinkles, gold and glitter~ wow, isn't that the sweetest!
A vintage whimsical tea cart -loaded with sweet props, colorful pennants and a pink  bistro set, which creates a feeling of magic and whimsy
A sweet  themed storytime
Opportunity to add on a teacart with the sweetest bunnies you have even seen, and the softest you have ever imagined!

Lots of photo and memory making opportunity.  Read to, pet, brush, and capture the moment.
Coming soon~very very soon, hopefully before Spring~ Photo's soon as well