Pony Rides:  350.00 hr 50 weight limit
"Our goal is to offer the prettiest ponies available"

Comes in costume with themed music playing
We offer pony rides with some wonderful, safe, experienced & gorgeous ponies. They are beautiful and cleaned prior to each event. We also offer costumed- themed pony rides.  Our ponies  can come beautifully decorated in your choice of flashy attire.
  Your choices are as follows.

princess pony or prince pony
clown-circus pony
cowboy pony or cowgirl, (western) pony
vintage western pony (tack)
knight pony
Pirate pony
Carousel pony
             These will surely make for unforgettable picture perfect moments.

                   Something Sweet Experience
Come visit us in Chino Hills and spend time with a pony or mini horse in the sweetest of themed experiences you will likley have!
Cupcakes with Kisses is what we originally called this sweet treat, but why stop with just cupcakes and maybe a different pony or mini can join in the fun? Great for photos, petting, brushing and fawning over a pony or mini horse in a sweetly decorated atmosphere, complete with an ornate tea cart and sweet treat props. 
Expect to spend 30 min in pony/mini heaven. This is offered by advance appt only. We may take this one on the road, we shall see....
Photos coming soon (this is really beautiful)
Great gift idea~gift certificates are available

This is for up to two children or adults, an additioanl child may be present for an adiitional charge
                Whimsical Walk in the Woods
This is a private pony or unicorn ride, experience, in a secluded area of Chino/Chino Hills.  Your very own personal time with a pony or unicorn. Who needs a party to meet and ride a unicorn?
Schedule your private unicorn experience, tht includes a ride for children up to 65lbs, a storytime, petting, brushing, and a great photo opportunity, or even take a walk.  A mini unicorn is avaiable for all of the above, minus the rides.
Great gift idea~gift certificates are available

               Unicorn Encounter "Pink Package"                  
Includes one costumed and decorated ridable pony or unicorn. (65lb weight limit (a carriage or additional pony can be added for an additional fee) 
Pink decorated canopy, back drop for photo's, decorated bunny baskets with bunnies for petting, tea carts with small animal friends, photography props, music, and decor galore! Perfect for your little princess, a shabby chic french market feel with animals, art and antiques! Ride, brush, experience a dream and photograph-

600.00 one hour,
250.00 each additional
Photographer not included, but may be booked separately

         Cinderella, Princess Cart, Under the Sea
                            Carriage Rides:
                               Currently                                                                      Unavailable

Comes decorated in a fairytale fashion.  Great for any occasion that requires an eye-catching entrance, a time to remember or just great fantasy fun!  Your princess party isn't complete without a  princess carriage!
Great for photo shoots
All carriage and or cart rides must be done on a completely flat, hard surface with a wide turn around ratio.  No inclines (even small ones) or grass

                  Unicorn or Pony Photo shoots~
Includes a beautifully costumed and decorated, unicorn-
Our location, in Chino Hills.
Our wooded photo shoot location makes a surreal experience.  Meet and capture memories with  a unicorn. 
Our photographer may be available at an additional cost

Please scroll down for sample photo's ~

                            Pony Grams
~ Need to have something delivered, and want it to be remembered?  We've got you covered.  How about a surprise delivery from a unicorn? Lets chat, we can make it happen.  Prices dependant on circumstances


Please note before securing our services-The safety of the animals in our care is never compromised. We do not drop animals off. We have a trained handler with our animals at all times and we are their advocates. We will not participate in anything deemed unsafe for our animals, we do not put them in uncomfortable situations and we do not travel in severe weather. We do realize this will not meet the needs of everyone. We share our family members. They are important to us. We hope they are important to you too


Themed Pony Rides, Costumed and Decorated Ponies, Cinderella and
Princess Cart-Carriage Rides, Miniature horses, Photo Shoots, Trick Pony Show, Unicorn Encounters

  In an effort to keep our phone calls manageable
PLEASE, email us "after"checking our pricing and program info  -then email your date, location and preferred program along with time~all bookings are done online~Thank you for understanding
Lori Bayour at (909) 393-1590​

Riding a pony makes a small child feel tall, a timid child brave and a disabled child independent
It is important to remember that a pony is a pony, not a small horse.  Which is perhaps why we love them so-
because they never seem to grow up and perhaps, if we love them enough, we won't grow up either
Safari Pony Party
Pirate Pony
"FAITH"- my Little pony theme
Serving Orange County, San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, Inland Empire
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My lil pony party
Cowboy (western) miniature horse cart
Circus pony cart-mini horse

performing miniature horse (trick pony)
Western Cart
Over the top pretty in pink princess carriage
The most beautiful pony-ponies
Wnder the Sea Carriage rides

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Miniature horse Cinderella carriage
Under The Sea Carriage Rides
So....I finally did it.  Been wanting a pink Victorian couch for years for a photo prop.  GOT IT!  I paid more this this gem than the 4 couches combined that I use in my home, just so you can rent it for your photo shoot -You're welcome
Princess Carriage
Pink and gold unicorn
My Lil Pony
Western Pony
Lots of photo's there
Pink princess carriage

All God's Creatures is a pony and farm animal sanctuary, liscensed wildlife rehabilitation facility as well as actively involved in animal assisted therapy for critically ill people.
All proceeds earned are our means of raising funds.  We do not solicit donations, although they are never rejected and always greatly appreciated.  
If you would like to refer a critically ill person for a visit,
please email us and together we will make a difference......                        
animals helping people helping animals
We are currently booking  on a very limited basis
Please, when emailing for services, include location, date and desired program. We are short staffed and doing our best to respond ASAP
We are currently offering only smaller ponies for rides,
and only non whites.  We do offer Kisses,
the white mini unicorn for an experience only, no rides