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  A traveling Petting Zoo that comes to you-We are a small, family operated, unique business 
Please take a peek and email us us with your info and we will do our best to serve you

In all that you do, do to the glory of God

Life is not
determined by the number of breaths we take, but by the number of
moments that take our
breath away....
     In an effort to keep our phone calls manageable

PLEASE, email us "after "checking our pricing and program info -then email your date, location and preferred program along with time~all bookings are done via email~Thank you for understanding
Lori at (909) 393-1590
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Program Description and Pricing
We offer delightful petting zoo's in several sizes, and several themes. We specialize in miniature animals which may appear  less intimidating to small children as well as maintain their cuteness.  Our theme is "cute." A colorful garden theme along with decorative canopy, and hand sanitizer are provided in each standard zoo as well as complete clean up of area after the event. 

Whats more fun than a tailgate party? How about a tailgate party with animals?
For those of you on a budget (who isn't? ) This may be perfect for you.
We come to you in an SUV with 6 small animals of your choice.  We pull up in your driveway, open the hatch, set up some small pens and there you have it. You get one hour of fun and facts, this is an educational experience as well as fun.
Our current offerings are
baby goat
fluffy chickens
frizzle baby chicks
fluffy goose
fluffy angora rabbits or super soft velveteen rabbits
350.00 1 hour

Standard Petting Zoo 
Currently may  include:
Miniature goats 
Miniature ducks or goose
Miniature Horse (not for riding)
550.00 for 1 1/2 hours

Petite (Mini) Petting Zoo   OR Mini Storytime Zoo
Simply small, simply cute, when space, budget or guest list is limited.
Brought to you without horse trailer,

Miniature ducks
Fluffy Chickens
400.00 for 1 1/2 hours

Storytime  mini zoo  may also include

Set up on cement is an additional 25.00 for shavings
A travel fee applies to distances over 20 miles of our location in Chino Hills. Safe parking for our 40 foot truck and trailer, next to where we are setting up, is required
Additional set up fee may apply if distance of set up is over 50 feet from
where we can unload from the trailer Please make sure you have adequate space to set up, on and from before booking

Storytime Zoo
A petting zoo with a twist, adding a bit of wonder and imagination with our beloved books and the animals that are in them, brought to life. A beautiful display, and a harmonious pairing of stories, being read to animals which, love to be read to and always seek to affirm the young reader, regardless of reading skills. Reading can be fun!
600.00 for 1 1/2 hours

Our Prettiest Petting Zoo ~ Shabby Chic, French Flower Boutique (currently on hold)
If you want something that is not only beautiful but that encompasses animals, art and antiques, this one's for you!  Our main color is "pink" with tons of flowers and wonderfully decorated props to enhance your event in a way you never thought possible!  Email us for details-Photo's soon
675.00 for 2 hours

Storytime Simple
Story Seuss (mini horse with Dr. Seuss attire) will join you and your friends for a story time with his wagon of books, a photo prop chair and his red and white striped Seuss rug. Simple sweet and a neat way to make reading engaging and create a fun experince
300.00 1 hour

Jungle Themed Petting Zoo
(not quite booking this one yet, working on it, hopefully soon)
Take a walk on the wild side, jungle themed decor, cute, fun decorative for the wild child

Animal Rentals:  Need just one animal or just a few, you can rent one or the whole zoo.   Animals for film, promotions, photography, photoshoot-Animals however cannot be "dropped off"  a handler must accompany the animal. Typically available weekdays only

To unload our animals safely and setup for the event, a parking space needs to be provided for us less than 50 feet away from where we are setting up. Our truck and trailer is 40 feet long (comparable to a small semi truck). If over 50 feet away,
then we will need to bring extra help to setup and our service cost will increase. So please let us know at the time of booking if this accommodation cannot be met as we may not be able to accommodate
After your event we need to be able to leave promptly to get to our next
event. Please don’t let your guests block us in.
                 We would love the opportunity "make a difference" at your next event!

Currently, this display is on hold and the pink display is being offered

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All God's Creatures sanctuary is supported by you booking your event with us.  We do not solicit donations but depend on our work to provide for the many abandoned, abused and injured animals that come to us for care, rehabilitation and sanctuary.
We thankyou and the animals thankyou for your support
We're not making a living
but a "life"
Guaranteed to be the cutest zoo you have ever seen!
We LOVE what we do,
consider it a gift,
and it shows
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Storytime Storytime Zoo

Pony rides and petting zoo, Unicorns too!

All God's Creatures is a pony and farm animal sanctuary, liscensed wildlife rehabilitation facility as well as actively involved in animal assisted therapy for critically ill people.
All proceeds earned are our means of raising funds.  We do not solicit donations, although they are never rejected and always greatly appreciated.  
If you would like to refer a critically ill person for a visit,
please email us and together we will make a difference......                        
animals helping people helping animals
The Kind & Compassionate Zoo
Please note before securing our services-The safety of the animals in our care is never compromised. We do not drop animals off. We have a trained handler with our animals at all times and we are their advocates. We will not participate in anything deemed unsafe for our animals, we do not put them in uncomfortable situations and we do not travel in severe weather. We do realize this will not meet the needs of everyone. We share our family members. They are important to us. We hope they are important to you too
Gift Certificates Available!
Give the gift of an EXPERIENCE
Animals are not machines or objests, but are sentinent beings who feel pain, joy and happiness just like humans
Jane Goodall